Join us in creating content for the local community

Join us in creating content for the local community

Arab visual content industry needs more!

Join us at Douk

  • Once you join Douk, you can upload all your content to the highest quality possible for the content creators community in the Arab region and around the world.

  • You can monitor all your financial dues through your own page and find out the remaining financial dues.

  • You will get 50% (fifty percent) of selling any of your collection through Doc after tax deduction without incurring any additional costs.

  • Transfers come to you periodically to your bank account in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or via PayPal anywhere around the world.

    Conditions of joining

  • To be over 18 years old.

  • Provide an overview of the business that you want to participate in the platform (Douk)

  • The provided works shall be appropriate to the international and local quality standard.

  • The context of the content must be not pornographic, defamatory, obscene or illegal, or for political or fraudulent purposes.

    General Terms

  • We pledge to provide full support for any product sold through our platform (to contact us via the contact us page)

  • Douk has the right to change product prices and put discounts on its website without prior notice.

  • We have the right to remove or add any product without prior notice.

  • All content that is uploaded to the platform goes through an acceptance stage before it is published, and through this stage we can reject any content that does not meet the terms and conditions or the platform's content and quality standards.

  • You must attach a paper approval in case any actor or actress appears in your content.

    Contact us at the following e-mail to join

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Message Between 3 to 3000 letters

Updated At: 2021-06-03